30 Years of Blowing and Packaging Expertise
Juguang Plastics Machine & Mould Industry Co.,Ltd is a blow molding machine manufacturer in Huangyan, China. Our company has been approved by the IS09001 and CE certificate, furthermore, the quality of the machine is ensured by PICC. We are a member of China Plastics Processing Industry Association, and a professional manufacturer of Two-Step PET BOPP Semi-Automatic Blow Molding Machines. After ten years of efforts, we have obtained eight national patent techniques. Now we are one of the biggest manufacturer of blow molding machine in China.
The company has numbers of high-precision processing equipment, processing technology that has been optimized and improved for many years, and perfect processing instructions, which have laid a good foundation for the manufacture of high-quality molds. The perfect quality control system carries out strict quality control of raw materials, heat treatment, equipment accuracy, machining accuracy, surface treatment, work volume fixtures and other links, which provides a strong guarantee for product quality.

The mold quality control method adopts worker self-inspection, first inspection of each process by quality inspectors, second inspection by quality inspectors during processing and final inspection by quality inspectors after completion to ensure the stability and reliability of molds. Adhere to the quality management concept of "There is no big or small in quality control, everything is the key", and improve the quality of the company's products continuously.
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Provide Customers With 360° Solutions

-Participate in market research, help customers to analyze project feasibility, and provide various relevant data. -Assist customers to improve the planning and design of the whole plant and line, and provide relevant technical information. -In order to make the equipment to perform better, technical training occupies a very important position.

-Equipment faults are quickly eliminated, and play a greater role in technological upgrades to reduce economic losses and value-added services for customers, for this reason, Juguang has invested heavily in equipment, supervising a strong and complete technical database for each factory, tracking Each technical and service device. We provide solutions to meet the needs of different stages of the business, including bottle shape, preform design, product design and thousands of container packaging for a variety of applications: from beverages to food, pharmaceuticals, pesticides, cosmetics and home care products .

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After more than 30 years of accumulation in the bottle packaging industry, we have obtained numbers of national patented technologies, and our products have been sold to many countries. Through continuous efforts and determination to climb the peak, we will strive to become one of the world's most professional manufacturer of blow molding machines.

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