Offer An Excellent Plastic Packing Solution.
Based on many years of experience in this industry, we provide customers with complete and systematic bottle packaging design through advanced technology, we combined cost, liquid product production line technology (pretreatment, injection molding, blowing, filling and packaging), logistics and Information technology. Complete the entire production design and operation customer's bottle packaging production line.
Tailor-made Bottle Packaging Solutions For Our Customers
Juguang can customize bottle packaging solutions for customers, so that customers can not only gain product benefits, but also gain advantages in the market. Our goal is to build long-term partnerships and close cooperation with our customers. Our expertise combined with our industry-leading solutions provides customers with a real competitive advantage.
Multiple molding technology and air cooling circulation system are used to solve the problem of deformation of PET bottles during hot filling. At present, the PET bottles blown by this technology can meet the requirements of high-temperature filling beverages.
Many beverages that require high temperature sterilization to be filled, such as flavored water, fruit juice, dairy products, sports drinks, etc., are also packaged in PET bottles, and PET bottles have become the main packaging materials for beverage products.
Different oval flat bottles are specially developed with directional heating system to meet customers' challenging packaging design
Specializing in the production of two-step PET wide-mouth bottle blowing equipment. The standard wide-mouth bottle blowing machine can blow the wide-mouth bottle with a diameter up to 140mm, and can also produce larger wide-mouth bottles according to the needs of customers.
Embedded handle PET bottles are very popular and are widely used to package sauces, edible oils and other liquid items.
PET material is the safest plastic packaging material, and Juguang's machines can blow 3 to 5 gallon PET bottles for both single-use and re-use.

PET can bottling has the characteristics of low production cost, transparent and beautiful appearance and better shelf life.
Compared with the traditional hollow extrusion blower, the level line machine is equipped with an additional extrusion system, and a specially designed die head, which mixes two different materials in the blank through the flow channel inside the die head.
2 or more different plastic materials are used at the same time. Solve packaging problems in many fields such as food, beverages, dairy products, cosmetics, pesticides and chemicals.