How to maintain injection molding machine parts


Paying attention to the maintenance of parts during the […]

Paying attention to the maintenance of parts during the use of the injection molding machine can effectively extend the use time of the machine. If problems occur during the operation of the machine, they can be dealt with in time, which can avoid many problems, such as screw, barrel, nozzle, hydraulic oil volume and hydraulic oil temperature. .
1. Maintenance of the screw: The screw is an important part of the raw material plasticization part, and its processing accuracy and work quality will directly affect the molding quality of plastic products.
2. Maintenance of the nozzle: The nozzle is at the front end of the barrel and is fixed with the barrel by screw threads. Because the high-temperature plasticized melt is injected into the mold from the nozzle hole here at high pressure and high speed, the common production faults at the nozzle are combined with material leakage in the gap or nozzle hole blockage and wear.

3. Hydraulic oil volume: Lack of oil volume will cause many problems, such as the oil temperature rises easily, the air dissolves the oil, etc., which will affect the oil quality and the work of the hydraulic system. So what is the reason for the lack of oil? It is usually caused by oil leakage or loss during repairs. For this situation, we should check the possible leaks in normal times. Replace the worn seals as soon as possible, and loosen the joints and tighten them. Pay special attention to check the oil level in the fuel tank after repairing.
4. Maintenance of the barrel: The barrel, like the screw, is an important part of the compression molding system. The barrel is matched with the screw, the barrel contains the screw, and the screw rotates in the barrel. The cooperation of the two parts can complete the plasticization and melting of the plastic under certain temperature conditions.
5. Hydraulic oil temperature: The ideal temperature for hydraulic system work is between 45°C and 50°C, which is determined according to the viscosity of the selected pressure oil, but the change of oil temperature will drive the change of viscosity, and the components of the system will also be affected. , So that the control accuracy and response sensitivity decrease at the same time, and there are more cases in the precision injection machine. Too high temperature will accelerate the aging of the seal, causing it to harden and crack; if the temperature is too low, the processing energy will be consumed and the operating speed will be reduced. Therefore, it is necessary to always pay attention to the temperature of the hydraulic oil.

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