What are the components of the stretch blow molding machine


The stretching blow machine is an automatic device that […]

The stretching blow machine is an automatic device that stretches fibres without any physical action. It functions like a small vacuum, gradually stretching fibres to their maximum fibre-stretching capacity and then stopping them after they have reached their length. The end result is fibres which are neither stretched nor in the condition of full compression but rather in the condition of compaction where they are ready to be reused. The purpose of this device is to reduce wastage of packaging material as well as ensure that packaging is done properly. When this machine is operated it minimises the need for manual work and maximises the speed and efficiency of production.

This device is manufactured by Elektrischen Servo Industries and is also called the Plastic Bottle Maker. This device produces a range of different diameters from a very small 12mm to a very large 50mm in diameter. These diameters are required for various applications and can produce the products which may be consumed easily or for decorative purposes. The machine uses two electrical systems. The first electrical system is located inside the machine and this consists of a heater, and a high voltage transformer.

The second electrical system is placed externally and is called a mit einem heater. The heater heats the plastic bottle which is placed inside the machine. The process involves heating the plastic material using the mit einem heater until it reaches a critical temperature and once this happens the heater ignites, thus heating up the plastic material to its critical temperature. The heat generated forces the melted plastic into the desired flaring curve, thus ensuring that the correct strain is applied at the right place and the product is manufactured to specification.

The machine is of three types namely the Tension Fluxing press, the Stretching press as well as the Plastic Bottle extrusion press. The Tension Fluxing press is one of the oldest models of stretch blowing machines and uses an electro-chemical charger to induce the chemicals and metals into the hot plate. Once this is done, it causes a chemical reaction which induces a stretching of the metal. The entire process of using the machine is very slow and time consuming. The other two types use a different method of inducing chemicals into the hot plate. The third type uses electronic pulses to drive the chemicals and metals into the plate using a robotic arm.

Another advantage of using this machine is that it consumes less energy and hence has a lower running cost. It is also very robust and durable and can handle any type of load effectively. It is not possible to set this machine up indoors as it requires a large space. Also the process is quite messy, as you have to clean up the melted plastics using a pump.

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