What are the three processing techniques of blow molding machines?


1. Extrusion blow molding The extrusion blow molding pr […]

1. Extrusion blow molding
The extrusion blow molding process is to extrude the parison. When the parison reaches a predetermined length, the parison is clamped and positioned and then combined, and the head of the parison is formed or sized. Compressed air is introduced into the parison to inflate to make it close to the mold cavity to form a product. After the product is cooled and shaped in the mold, the mold is opened to release the product, and the product is trimmed and decorated.

2. Injection blow molding
The injection blow molding process is more suitable for the production of some large-volume, but small-volume containers. Cosmetics, daily necessities, medicine and food packaging in the daily production are all equipment produced by injection blow molding. The produced product has a uniform wall thickness, and there is less waste without stitching.

3. Stretch blow molding
Stretch blow molding is a process in which parison, stretching, and blow molding are completed in one machine. The parison is a semi-finished product in the production process. After cooling, the cold parison is reheated to stretch and blow. Directional stretch blow molding after extrusion molding, maintaining a certain stretching speed, orienting before blow molding, after stretching, transparency, impact strength, hardness and rigidity, surface gloss and barrier properties are all improved.

The production process of stretch blow molding is to control the temperature of the parison at a temperature lower than the melting point and use the principle of two-way two-generation to increase the strength of the product.

The production process is to first inject the bottomed parison, continuously transport the material to the heating furnace, heat to reach the stretching temperature, and then put it into the blow mold for axial stretching with the aid of a stretching rod, and finally blow molding.

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