What characteristics should blow molded products have


What is blow molding? Blow molding is a method of formi […]

What is blow molding?
Blow molding is a method of forming a hollow product by air blow molding and expansion of a hot melt blank enclosed in a mold. Hollow blow molding is extruding from an extruder, putting a softened tubular thermoplastic blank into a forming mold, and then using compressed air to deform the blank along the cavity of the mold to blow into a hollow product with a short neck. Hollow blow molding is the most important molding technology for producing hollow plastic products. Almost all thermoplastics can be used for hollow blow molding, such as polyethylene, PVC, polypropylene, polystyrene, linear polyester, polycarbonate, polyamide, cellulose acetate and polybasic acid formaldehyde resins. With this molding technology, it can produce not only small volume bottles of a few milliliters, but also large-capacity barrels and water storage tanks of thousands of liters, as well as floats, car fuel tanks and kayaks.

What characteristics should blow molded products have?
1. Environmental stress cracking resistance: as a container, it has the ability to prevent cracking when it comes in contact with surfactants;
2. Air tightness (permeation resistance): refers to the characteristics of preventing oxygen, carbon dioxide, nitrogen and water vapor from diffusing outwards. 3. Impact resistance: In order to protect the goods in the container, the product should have impact resistance and cannot be decomposed from a height of one meter.
4. In addition, there are drug resistance, antistatic properties, toughness and extrusion resistance.
What are the advantages of blow molding?
1. The hollow double-wall structure can absorb and eliminate impact energy;
2. Flexible design, high function, low production cost;
3. The processing technology can change the thickness of the embryo;
4. The thickness of the product can be changed arbitrarily during the processing without improving the mold;
5. Low pressure molding (the internal stress of the mold is much smaller than the internal stress of injection molding) to improve dimensional stability, chemical resistance and high temperature performance;
6, Assembly diversity: self-tapping screws, inserts, rivet expansion fasteners;
7. The mold is simple, the cost is low, and the processing cycle is short;
8. Low-cost sample molds can be produced quickly.

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