What is a blow molding machine?


Basically blow moulding is a making hollow plastic part […]

Basically blow moulding is a making hollow plastic part and make container joining these part. It is available in many shapes and sizes also. Blow moulding and injection moulding China Extrusion Blow Molding Machines Manufacturersare one of the highly utilized techniques and commonly used with this technique we produce high quality plastic parts in minimum cost so this is great cost effective way. Blow moulding is an old technique used to create hollow objects. In Blow moulding many factors are involved such as “type of a plastic, velocity, speed, temperature. Air is one of the important factors and plays a vital role in blow moulding. Air pushed into the mould to expand it and give it the desired shape. Blow moulding process is very easy, highly utilized and includes low cost machines, manufacturing plastic bottles using this process is much cheaper as compared to injection moulding. In blow moulding moulds isn’t required for making high precision mould.

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