What is an Extrusion blow molding machine?


Extrusion blow molding is expected to show process ener […]

Extrusion blow molding is expected to show process energy load somewhere in between injection molding and extrusion blow molding is recognizable by the hollow tube that's extruded from the machineStretch Blow Molding Machine Factory to form the parts. This tube is referred to as a parison. A hollow mold then closes around the parison and cycles to the blow station. When at the blow station, the parison within the mold is formed by utilizing atmospheric pressure whereas another parison is being extruded from the machine.

There are two different Extrusion blow molding processes: continuous or intermittent parison delivery. In each operation, the extruder runs continuously, however, the parison is delivered in a different manner from that of the cyclic process below the die. In the continuous method, the extruder feeds compound to the die, wherever the parison is created and transferred to rotating or shuttle molds. The second process uses an accumulator. During the molding process, the accumulator is refilled by the extruder in preparation for the next shot. To extend productivity, two accumulators can be run from one extruder. The extruder is mounted on a platform above the mold, with the parison pushed out of the accumulator and die head directly into the mold. In most operations, a single screw extruder is used to provide the melt to the accumulator.

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