What is an injection stretch-blow molding machine?


ISBM:_ Injection stretch blow moldingWholesale Stretch […]

ISBM:_ Injection stretch blow moldingWholesale Stretch Blow Molding Machine Manufacturers

ASB is a world leader in this technology,so to start with what is ISBM?

It consists of four stages:—

1 ) Injection :— This station is similar to injection molding where material is injected to form a preform same like injection molding.

2) Conditioning:— At this station preform is heated to achieve the temperature sufficient to blow and achieve a good quality product. it consists of Conditioning core/Heating core and Heating Pot/Conditioning Pot depending upon the bottle shape and Material.

3) Blow:— At this station , The heated preform is firstly stretched and then blowned to form a desired shape of container.

4) Eject:— At this station the final product is ejected .

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