What is the basic principle of the blow molding machine in the production process


The blow molding machine is a machine that uses the win […]

The blow molding machine is a machine that uses the wind blown by the machine to spray out the liquid plastic and attach it to a mold cavity with a certain shape to make a product. The production process and basic principles of the blow molding machine are as follows:
1. The production process of blow molding machine
1. Plastic parison (extruded hollow plastic tube);
2. Close the flap mold on the parison, clamp the mold and cut off the parison;
3. Blow the parison to the cold wall of the cavity, adjust the opening and maintain a certain pressure when cooling;
4. Open the mold and write down the blown parts;
5. Trim the flash to get the finished product.
Second, the basic principle of blow molding machine
The automatic air ring structure on the blow molding machine adopts double air vents, in which the air volume of the lower air vent is kept constant, and the circumference of the upper air vent is divided into several air ducts. Each air duct is composed of air chamber, valve, motor, etc., and the valve is driven by the motor. Adjust the opening degree of the air duct to control the air volume of each air duct.
During the control process, the film thickness signal detected by the thickness measuring probe is sent to the computer. The computer compares the thickness signal with the currently set average thickness, performs calculations based on the thickness deviation and the curve change trend, and controls the motor to drive the valve to move. When the thickness is too thick, the motor moves forward and the tuyere is closed; on the contrary, when the motor moves in the reverse direction, the tuyere increases. The cooling speed of each point is adjusted by changing the air volume of each point on the circumference of the wind ring, so that the lateral thickness of the film is deviated Control within the target range.

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