What is the characteristics of stretch blow molding


Blow molding is the manufacturing process to form hollo […]

Blow molding is the manufacturing process to form hollow plastic parts: it is also used to form glass bottles. Generally, there are three main types of blow molding: extrusion blow molding, injection blow molding and injection stretch blow molding. Blow molding-is a very special manufacturing process through which hollow plastic parts can be formed and connected together. Blow molding machines are widely used in commercial beverage production. The blow molding machine manufactures plastic bottles according to the formula, such as specifying the capacity of the bottle to be manufactured. The machine consists of molds, programmable logic controllers, and mechanical and electronic instruments.

The characteristics of stretch blow molding:
A. Use advanced PLC to obtain stable performance
B. Use a conveyor belt to automatically transfer the preform.
C. Rotate the bottle itself and rotate in the track in the infrared preheater at the same time, so that it has strong permeability and good and rapid heat distribution.
D. Highly adjustable, by using an automatic thermostat to adjust the length of the light pipe and the reflecting plate in the preheating area and the eternal temperature in the preheater, so that the preheater can preheat the formed preform.
E. Equipped with high security of safety automatic locking device in every mechanical action, in the case of some program failure, it will make the program change to a safe state.
Blow molding basically manufactures hollow plastic parts and connects these parts to the container. There are many shapes and sizes to choose from. Blow molding and injection molding are a widely used technology, and are usually used together with this technology, we produce high-quality plastic parts at the lowest cost, so this is a very cost-effective way. Blow molding is an ancient technique used to make hollow objects. Many factors are involved in blow molding, such as "plastic type, speed, speed, temperature. Air is one of the important factors, and plays a vital role in blow molding. Air is pushed into the mold to expand and Give the desired shape. The blow molding process is very easy, has a high utilization rate and includes low-cost machines. Compared with injection molding, it is much cheaper to use this process to make plastic bottles.

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