What is the difference between injection molding machine and blow molding machine and blow molding machine


Let me tell you about the injection molding machine fir […]

Let me tell you about the injection molding machine first; the main products produced by the injection molding machine are the casings of various electronic products, as well as plastic pallets, plastic baskets, etc. The characteristic of injection molding is that the rubber is plasticized and then injected through the nozzle. Entering the mold runner and then to the mold cavity, the injected glue is solid, and the chopsticks used at home are closer, and the chopsticks are also injection molded. You said that 150G/200G refers to the amount of sol of the machine; but generally everyone uses (ounce) to express, 1 ounce is approximately equal to 28.3G, you can calculate how many ounces of machine it is.
The production principle of blow molding machine and blow molding machine is actually the same. Many people think that blow molding machine is also called blow molding machine, but it is still a bit different. Blow molding machine can include blow molding machine, blow molding, and blow molding machine. The first half is the same, just the plasticizing part. The second half of the blown film is produced by pulling lines and reels. For details, you can search for the film production process on the Internet. And for the second half of the bottle blowing machine, you are right. I do bottle blowing. The main products of the bottle blowing machine are shampoo bottles and doll bodies. These are products in two fields. Shampoo bottles belong to Plastic containers, the body of a doll is a toy. The same thing between the two machines is that the extruded rubber is all parisons. If you don’t know what parisons mean, you can imagine that the water pipe used in our family is empty in the middle. If you heat it and then put one end You will know how blow molding is done by pressing on the seal and blowing in from the other end.

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