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16 Cavity Preform Mould

16 Cavity Preform Mould

  1. Mould Features:
  2. Materials

Mould plates are P20 steel with pre-hardening process. Core, cavity and neck screw are made of S136 high Strength, anti-corrosive stainless steel. Mould plate is completed by one-time processing to ensure the concentricity of moulding hole and guide bush, guaranteeing the compact structure of mould.

  1. Cooling system

Fountain or spiral cooling structure is used in the core.

Spiral waterway is used to milled outside the cavity,improve cycle efficiency and reduce cleaning times.

Neck drilled cross cooling channel.

Each plate is individually designed with a circulation cooling channel.

Optimized cooling layout is used to ensures fast and efficient heat exchange between steel and water and support fast cycle times to save energy costs.

  1. Perfect design:

Experienced designers design preform mould with the help of computer according to the final bottle shape; Preform thickness and height is reasonably and perfectly designed to ensure the final bottles weight light but feel hard.

  1. Precision machined and finished

Weight variation across cavities is minimal.

Excellent concentricity between core and cavity for minimum wall thickness variation.

Good mould life due to perfect matching of components under load.

Off-center adjustment system to ensure preform thickness difference < 0.10mm.

Self- lock individually for each cavity to guarantee high precision and less defect of the final preform production and also convenient disassembly.

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